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April, 2013

Nomad's brother comes home!

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~ Almora Alpacas ~

Almora began in 1994 with the purchase of 2 females and 1 wether, when the industry was still very new to Australia. 

Almora's herd has risen to over 100, with each generation an improvement on the last, so much so that we produced two very prominent stud males in Almora Auzzie Frost (Solid White), and Almora Nomad (Medium Grey).  Both have done exceptionally well in the show ring (see show results), and their progeny are now being shown with great success.


Nomad's sons cover all colours including:

Koonalda Nomad Myst (solid white)
Almora Trojan King (medium fawn)
Huntley Park Pablo (roan)
Parrindi Gypsy King (medium grey)
Almora Damon (dark grey)
Koonalda Nomadic Dream (solid black)

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